"I have been professionally associated with Mrs. Beck for over six years.  I can personally attest to her outstanding quality of work and absolutely stunning results. She consistently displays a steadfast commitment to customer service and is driven to flawlessly execute every job. As a retired naval officer, I have witnessed dozens of photography professionals capturing significant events around the world. Mrs. Beck is simply the finest photographer I have ever observed: I am sincerely honored to have worked with her. Look no further to find the best photographer in the business- I have no doubt you will be very pleased with the results."


- William R. Allen | LCDR (RET), United States Navy | Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps




"Rachel is an absolute joy to have within our facility.  She comes to take pictures, but she brings so much more to the job than just her incredible photography talent.  She shows genuine respect for each of our consumers, and they love her!   She is extremely accommodating when an individual chooses to not approach the spot prepared for photos.  Rachel simply grabs her equipment and goes to wherever the consumer is and still manages a wonderful photo!  Rachel goes 'above and beyond' with UCP, and it is obvious that she works hard to provide the best pictures possible.  We are so grateful that she shares her expertise with us!"


 - Glynda King | United Cerebral Palsy NWMO | Adult Program Director 




"Rachel was very professional in the way she worked with our people, staging them in order to accurately portrait  their individual profiles and stories. I believed Rachel captured in pictures what our Mission Statement says in Words!

I highly recommend Rachel"


- Danny Gach | Pastor and Executive Director | The Crossing Outreach Ministry




"My husband and I  were so impressed with the professional quality of her work. Compared to others we considered, Rachel Beck Photography was the best quality work for the best price. We were amazed at how many amazing pictures we got and nothing can compare to all the memories captured. Everything we wanted to get, was what we received and so much more. "


- Corissa Reinke | Wedding Engagement



"It’s rare to find a photographer who understands a subject and is able to translate that understanding into a visual image.  While I was visiting in India I witnessed Rachel showing respect for the personhood of the individuals and the locations she was shooting.  I was fortunate to be able to use some of her her images to influence the hearts of individuals when I returned home.  I hope to continue my association with Rachel and combine our talents to facilitate change.  Pictures reach the heart and Rachel has the heart and talent through photography to connect the subject with the need.  My hope is that she will continue her craft for many years, choosing subjects and projects that make a difference."


- Gayle Mingledorff | Align Yourself – Keynote Speaker & Presentation | Personal Development




"Rachel's photography invites you into a human story. In our church community, Rachel's powerful photo Silence became the centerpiece of our Sunday worship. The photo invited people into the story of a woman's life. You could see and feel her experience with it's hope and it's hurt. Rachel gently shared this story and the transformative spiritual power of it was felt by everyone. I am so grateful for the gifts God has given Rachel, and it is a true blessing."


- Rev. Aaron Roberts | Senior Pastor | Colonial Church in Prairie Village




"It has been a great pleasure to have Rachel as our professional photographer for several of the corporate events I have ran. We met before hand to discuss certain shots I did want and review the venue. Rachel gave recommendations and what she provided was much more than I ever anticipated.  Only after two day post event she sent handful of unique shots for the day of event which captured specials moments. Within the next couple weeks, I had all shots taken, which was amazing turn around. I look forward to having Rachel at future events, she’s a true professional and creative in her photography!"


- Leslie Hernandez Brown | NonProfit Events Director