Rachel Beck is a photographer who captures with extraordinary skill the character and consequence of people and places in this world.  With the special advantage of living in the central United States, near Kansas City, Rachel has worked and exhibited in numerous places in the nation during her six years as a full-time professional photographer.  She has photographed for many different individuals and organizations, including corporate America, the US military, various political entities, and a number of non-profits.  Her work has been published nationally and internationally. 


Rachel celebrates people’s differences.  Her goal is to capture not just an image of a person's exterior, but to reveal through her lenses who that person truly is on the inside.  Whether she is taking photos in India or capturing a family in their happiest moments, Rachel utilizes the camera as an extension of herself, observing life as it really is.  Her goal is for her photos to create an awareness of what is going on in the world.  Rachel expresses her passion in this way: “I believe we should never close our eyes to the truth.”


With moving expression, Rachel has photographed scenes of domestic abuse, homelessness, abandoned children, animal awareness, nature conservation, marriage and family.  Her passion is to capture humanity – at its best, its worst, and in-between.  Rachel believes that we have become a society that is so desensitized to the world, that strong images – positive or negative – do not impact us anymore.  Her wish, as a photographer, is to produce images that give us pause and open our eyes to the real world around us.


Summer 2015


Writer & Editor: Dee Dee Squires